Are men victims of obnoxious feminism?

Interesting article in light of what happened to the two british sky sports presenters this week. They were caught off camera taking the mickey out of the female linesman, and basically it seems they dont want women in football and dont think there clever enough to cope. They are indeed dinosaurs and thankfully men like them are dying out though there is sadly still many like them

 What great is women will continue to eat into areas once seen as male and will not care if they upset the ones stuck in the past, they will drag us screaming into the new order imo, and many many younger (and older) men have no problems accepting this. To be honest its to late now to turn back the clock any way to a time when men worked and women stayed at home, guys like keys and gray will never get used to women in power or in a place they dont think women should be, great they are being laughed at and left in the past while women and many men just move on

 This is what women think of these kind of men


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